Class B License

Cost of the Training Class "B":

Automatic transmission truck - $4,000

4-week CDL Training Course includes:

  • Classroom instruction 50 hours
  • Field instruction 50 hours
  • Highway behind-the-wheel training 20 hours
  • Observation (highway behind-the-wheel) 40 hours
Total - 160 hours

Training is performed in equipment with manual or automatic transmission.

Classes are held Monday through Thursday, 8.00am - 6.30pm.
*Class includes 3 hours of night-time driving so please allow at least 1 day for an afternoon class.

For NC residents, CDL Permit is not required to start the Training.
However, if you wish to obtain one, please make sure to pass 3 written tests: General Knowledge, Combination, Air Brakes.
NC CDL manual:



  • ~ $100 DOT Medical Certificate
  • $150 Skills Test - Done ON SITE
  • Housing is available fom $125/week

DMV FEES: (varies by state)

  • $40 CDL Application fee; $20 Learner's Permit
  • $20/y for CDL License class A; $4 for each Endorsement

Prices listed are for NC State:

Please check your state's official DMV website for correct pricing.

* All trainees are required to obtain their DOT Medical Certificate before being approved and scheduled for the Training.


The Cost of the Training can be paid up front in full or within the course of the Training. The $500 registration fee is due upon approval of Enrollment Application and submission of all required paperwork. The remaining amount can be paid in 4

payments during the Training Course on the first day of each week.

Please allow at least 1 business day prior the start of the Training for the drug test (included in $500 fee).